A New Human Experience Platform

Integrated Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences redefining sporting venues.
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Insights-Driven with AI-Powered Analytics

Bring insights faster, make smarter decisions, analyze data wherever it is, give everyone advanced analytics, and increase the value of your software with the 1839 Labs IoT Platform.
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Reimagining the Stadium Event Experience

Wholistic experimental programs, smart building developments, and new forms of digital media to reimagine and enhance the fan experience.
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The number of connected devices in operation in commercial Smart Buildings is predicted to grow from 1.7 billion in 2020 to just under 3 billion by 2025.

Smart Building Design

Yield substantial improvements in performance, wellness, and risk mitigation with smart building design.

Building Internet of Things (BIoT)

Implement Building IoT strategies that synthesize and leverage the ultimate asset: data.

Intelligent Operations

Increase operational efficiencies and streamline business processes using real time data to make analytics convenient and intuitive.

Virtual Reality in Stadiums

Augment and enhance the visitor stadium experience with purpose-built virtual reality systems.

5G Immersive Experiences

Create a fully-immersive visitor experience at stadium events with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality technologies.

Data Innovations & Synthesis

Incorporate flexible APIs and advanced algorithms to synthesize new business and operational insights.

A New Way to Experience Events

The 1839 Lab Platform incorporates a BIoT implementation with a focus on visitor characterization data derived from the immersive user testing built into the property’s operations.

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Meet The Founders of 1839 Labs

JP Bonin

President & CEO

Mayur N. Vador


Discover The FanOSx Platform

FanOSx, is a state-of-the-art technology platform that is customized for the individual benefits of motorsport venues, racing teams, and leagues. Furthermore, the platform provides sponsors and advertisers with the highest fidelity data insights by combining advanced motorsport venue technologies with exciting fan engagement elements inside a mobile app. The result for motorsport fans is a seamless journey beginning the moment they buy their ticket, park and attend the event, purchase merchandise and food, and earn loyalty and rewards after the event. For motorsport stakeholders, such as teams and leagues, automated data inflows and deep data analysis are presented in custom-tailored dashboards.

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Join Our Team

1839 LABS is a team of Technologists, Engineers, Designers & Business Leaders providing next-generation engineering and technology solutions in the areas of Smart Buildings, IoT, Intelligent Operations, Data Analytics, 5G, AR/VR, and Immersive Experiences tailored to the professional sports venue industry.

We are looking for vibrant & driven individuals to join our team focused on delivering innovative solutions to our clients in the US & Internationally. You will be part of some of the most exclusive projects around the globe, working with teams trying to solve the most complex challenges. You will get to work with best-of-breed tech platforms & tools and will play an active & vital role in bringing those solutions to market.

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